Anonymous: zak bagans just replying my tweet i think i'm in heaven....

Haha! Sit on that cloud and fangirl into next week! You deserve to!

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Anonymous: I wonder why Zak did unfollow Sandy on twitter? I am sure he had his reasons but something seems a bit off about her. I saw a comment from her on one of Billy's instagram pics saying that she still had a piece of his equipment.. I am like hmm shouldn't you have given it back before they left Paris? maybe she contacted Zak too much so he unfollowed?

Maybe… He seems like he’d be very adamant on people not being annoying lol but i wouldn’t sit and assume. I guess he had his reasoning for it and we should just respect that.

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Just a little FYI!
If you sent me a message or request and i haven’t fulfilled or answered it yet, dont panic! I’m doing my best! Hopefully i will have it answered soon!

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Anonymous: i sure hope he didnt unfollow sandy, i asked her if she liked him and she said yes so itd be sad if he did that to her..

Oh that would be sad. Were you the anon who sent me that message? I think its in my messages somewhere and never got to answering it yet!

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Anonymous: I never knew Zak & Bridget knew each other before the Heritage Junction episode? did you?

No I didn’t. But it’d make sense cause isn’t she a paranormal investigator as well?

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Anonymous: Hi, do you or any of your followers know who runs the ghost adventures crew instagram & the GA twitter? I was followed by both and was curious if it was one of the guys or if it was someone else that runs it for them?

Someone else probably runs them. Like a manager or something. I have no idea who runs them! Usually they have different people running them.

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Anonymous: Did you know why there isn't any new ghost adventures episode this saturday?

No i don’t. Its probably like any other show. They take small breaks in between to span out the episodes until a certain date. I think theres only about 6 episodes left of season 9 so i can see why they’d do so. You’d have to ask the people who do the programming! And next weeks is aftershocks!

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Anonymous: did any of you guys see that zak unfollowed sandy, the blond chic from netherworld?

I don’t really pay attention to who he follows or unfollows because I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything lol. He unfollows people all the time. I always see his “following” number decreasing and increasing. It’s went from 80+ following to only 74 in the past couple of months. 

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Anonymous: i wonder how his new nose looks like but whatever it is he's doing the right thing its for his own good right?

Yes. For his own health and well being. That’s what matters. 

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Anonymous: I think it is really disrespectful for some fans to accuse him of getting it done for cosmetic reasons. He got it done for health reasons to help him breathe better, people get it done all the time. Give Zak a break and focus on the fact that he feels better & can breathe better which is what is important. And to the fans that say they will have to accept his nose job, you don't have to accept anything. It is his life and decision.

Thats exactly what I was going to address to some people. Its his face, not yours and it was for health reasons not for the reasons people think. Its very mean of some people to accuse and assume he did it for cosmetic reasons. Im glad he feels better and is making a quick recovery all that matters to me is his health and well being and if fans suddenly dont like the show after this or him for that matter then they were never a fan in the first place. Only a fan of his looks. This show is more than just Zak Bagans and Zak is more than just a pretty face. I mean yeah i make gifs of him all the time but i definitely appreciate the other guys. His nose shouldnt change how anyone feels at all. He did it for himself and his health and im proud of him.

Its not like he went and got a full on face lift! Its just his nose!

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